Livio Fantini, born 1946 in Manzinello, a small hamlet close to Manzano (Udine), still lives in the same neighbourhood.
Multipurpose person, since he was a child he has been passionate about cycling, where he debuts like beginner in 1960. Afterwards, he move to the amateur world and mountain bike, where he wins some Italian races including the hill climbing in 1998.
Livio and three friends of him founded the company Camam mechanics in 1969, specialized in the design and construction of machines for the woodworking, for over 40 years this business led him to compete and be a reference point for worldwide production companies.
For a while now Livio Fantini get closer to the sculpture and thanks to the practical of the matter, he expresses freely his manual skills and creative potential. In his sculptures we find the strength of man, the ability to study materials, the constant reworking of experience.

The inventiveness Livio Fantini shows in the accomplishment of his works usng different materials (metal, wood, stone), with outlines that perfectly suit to a massive environmental project, is sort of stimulated by his spirit of adventure, often reaching a creative bliss that belongs to the playful boundary.

Manipulating materials on wich he then operates chromatic interventions, evoking from time to time animal or vegetal shapes, it looks as if the artist just likes playing and amusing himself.
Most important for him is the shape, which has to be emphasized principally using the colour. In this regard, some very original works executed with chromatic stripes provide a strong suggestion: the visual impact is extremelly strong and has the flavour of allegorical thoughts innate in the moral virtue and smoothness for a plastic transposition of the maternal posture wrapping up and holding the newborn life. The surfaces are always perfectly smooth and polished, and rise to symbol of the longing for an enlightened vision of reality, sheltered and far away from any harshness and circumstances.
Recent international exhibitions include France, Poland, Germany, Turkey and Australia. Receiving appreciation both from public and critics.


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