In the sequence of images published in this catalog, Livio Fantini's sculptures indicate his search path. After the first experience with imaginary representations, mostly involving animal figures from his childhood, he then approached a formal synthesis of the human figure with group compositions or pairs of stylized figures next to each other.
Emerging from these formal researches, there is a precise intention to try the manipulation of different materials, surfaces and finishes. For example the burning of chestnut wood with a blowtorch, the matt polish , the linseed oil finishing , as well as the use of industrial scrap wood particles.
Livio’s technique is constantly evolving. His natural manual skills leads him to try harder and harder materials: from opaque Natisone stone to the noble sculpture materials, like marble and alabaster, in order to explore different possibilities and expressive potentials.
This aspect leads him to develop his perception of the material. The removal, at first only the technical condition of a formal representation, now becomes also a mental condition.
The space gains quality inside the material, which in the act of removing, is now produced also as an internal shape.
The empty relates to the full, it is structured and organized in an autonomous and organic form (belts).
With this reworking process, the material becomes the main actor, not merely a formal means but an expression of the intimate nature itself. The more and more polished surfaces of marble reveal their internal composition, the curves are charged with tension, the thickness is reduced to the essential.

Now the light is part of the sculpture itself, it lives in the transparency of the material, in its empty spaces and in its reflections.
In the last pictures you can clearly see the results of this process: clean, almost minimal shapes, as if they had been purified by the time (the only great master of sculpture), not forced to feel the need to represent or tell something.
They are, in their simple perfection, the tangible evidence of existence.
So, the sculptor Livio Fantini produces his concept of freedom and communicates it in a direct way through its genuine creative force. Free form, free-mind!


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