I met Livio in a particular period of his life, characterized by a deep change, leaving an intense business activity for a revised vision of his role in the professional world.
Globalization can't be stopped, but only followed.
Since his early years, he has always been active in sports and this attitude allowed him to take up the challenge to organize a new form of business. This decision led him inevitably to widen his field of vision and improve his communicating skills.
Thus, the professional experience becomes his first instrument.
What does all that have to do with a sculpture exhibition?
It is important to understand how Livio is able to lead his own life, while accepting the reality.
"Replace the wrench with the word " is, figuratively speaking, the right metaphor.
The art in fact is nothing more than a continuous reinterpretation of experience, not only for the artist, but also for the observer. It's the tool that sometimes allows you to get rid of the functional mechanism that daily life often entails. It’s a way to gain another point of view, which appears less tangible at first sight, but becomes very useful if you want to open your mind to the possibility to reconsider your own existence.
In the stage of life during which it is natural to do considerations, paradoxically we realize that the numbers are mixed with memories, emotions, often made of simple but indelible things.
Livio sends me the image of a slightly rebel child, grazing the geese together with his loyal dog and carrying a magpie on his shoulder. A strong image that I get when his eyes lighten up, when he reinterprets himself, with that flair and that fantasy, totally free at the end.


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